Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fox Sports World Canada Out of Business

I found out today that Fox Sports World Canada ceased operations April 30.  It was a great channel and I appreciated how much soccer they brought to the viewing audience.  Sky Sports News from the UK was my favourite show.

So the question is ... did it close up because there was too much competition to show soccer on TV (at least 5 other networks show games regularly) or was there no interest in a mainly all soccer network?  The network said it also showed Rugby and Cricket, but soccer took up most of the broadcast day.

It may sound like a dumb question,  but the high number of children playing soccer in Canada does not mean it's mainstream.  It still makes me scratch my head thinking of the number of players who have never seen a full game, live or televised.

We'll see if the other networks add more soccer or remain status quo.

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