Thursday, May 3, 2012

U13 Fitness Session

Our 6th group fitness session took place tonight.  We had 60 players total, including a U14 girls team that joined us.  The U14 girls at our club are a great bunch of young ladies.  I've coached them in clinics and they've always been a focused bunch.  They are coached by Eric Opala, a man with good experience.

The group for this session was U10, U11, U13 boys and U14 girls.
The session.  The players ran for 30 minutes with 4 stations set up around the track.  The stops were 5 pushups, 10 skips, 10 jumping jacks and 8 hurdles.

After a short break we followed it up with 30 minutes of dribbling and turns.

I have some ideas for the next session that I need to run by the other coaches.  We admire the players' work ethic, but they are young and we have to work to keep it interesting.

A great development for next week is that the grass fields are available to us!  We will definitely have to integrate that into our program.

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