Saturday, June 1, 2013

When will Canadian Soccer benefit from our multiculturalism?

woolwich arsenal
So many people from so many great footballing nations all living in Canada, involved in soccer.

This is not about new Canadians cheering for other countries.  That is addressed in this podcast by Pedro Mendes.

New Canadians have made contributions to our game in a big way.  They play, coach, officiate,  start and administer clubs and bring some serious passion to the pitch.  Many have connections back home that they utilize to provide the occasional opportunity for an aspiring player.

The efforts of those new Canadians who have been coming here since 1900 have positively affected the level of commitment of their children and grandchildren. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Pelham u11 Boys - Rugby and other sports

So, Thursday night I told my brother we were going to start his session with a little bit of rugby.  He wasn't sure if I was joking or not.

Some professional academies insist their younger players play other sports to develop the holistic athlete.

I also believe that a player's habits and ideas transcend all of the sports they play.  My middle son hadn't played hockey for 8 years.  He took it up again during the last year of midget house league.  Watching him play, I saw him pull every trick and tactic that he used on the soccer field, but on the ice.

By the same token, ideas that a player picks up in one sport, he will bring to the others.  If I brought a midget AAA hockey player to a pick up basketball game, you could bet he would be scanning the

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The beauty of 9v9 soccer for U11 and U12.

9v9 soccer
There was a time when soccer people were thinking of moving U11 and U12 to 7v7 soccer.  That would have been too small. 

I remember when my boys were U11 and u12 and on a big field.  We did very good things but never had that one kid who could cover the field and physically take the game over.

Watching 9v9 has been a pure pleasure, as a technical coach.  I envision some of my old players and what we could have built on during those special years.