Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting soccer into your school

For your back-to-school list in September.

A nice addition to my soccer life has been involvement in festivals for elementary schools.  I've had the pleasure of delivering three and helping out a bit with a fourth.

Too many of our young athletes only play their desired sport when the formal session are organized.  Sometimes when I get a pickup game going at a school I hear questions like "throw-in or kick-ins?" "Where is the box?" "What's out of bounds?" "They have one extra player!".  We want them to realize that you don't need a board of directors and a formal schedule for a sport to happen.

Simple rules of pick-up sports:
  • All you need for a game is a friend and a ball
  • There is always enough room for a game
  • There is always enough room for another player
  • Call your own fouls
  • The game ends when the sun goes down (if you have no street lights)
Back to school ....