Sunday, February 19, 2012

1994 boys - Holland 2009

In August 2009 we took our 1994 boys team to Holland for 12 days.  It was an amazing trip that was made possible through a supportive club, the co-operation and teamwork of a great group of parents and the organization skills of Costa, Bobby and Peter from Sigma Sports in Toronto.

I am recalling this trip because I finally put all their photos together on a DVD and gave everybody a copy.  I said I would do it, but I didn't say when!  :-)

Over 12 days we saw 2 professional games, played 7 games, had 5 training sessions and toured 3 stadiums.  I am not sure how, but we also had time to enjoy Holland as tourists.  There was a field at the hotel and the boys were playing during their spare time.

Everything was top shelf ... the hotel, food, transportation, facilities for each team, hospitality and the quality of play on the field.  My two older sons were on the trip and I hear their friends and parents talk about it all the time.  It was really was a great trip. 

I coached the 1999 Boys from U9 to U16.  They were a great bunch of young men and it's always a pleasure to run into them.  Most of them still play and this is their U18 year coming up.  It will be interesting to see how many try out for their respective college or university teams this upcoming fall.

I hope to make this same voyage with the 1999 Boys at some point, as well as with my nephew's teams in the future.
The team in front of The Arena in Amsterdam, just before an Ajax match.