Sunday, February 19, 2012

My brother is coaching!!!

I found out this weekend my brother Anthony is helping to coach the U9 boys for nearby Pelham Soccer Club.  His youngest son was on that team last year.  His oldest son will be U10.

Anthony is a very intelligent and personable man.  He has a lot of experience dealing with people and being organized.  His playing days are over after a knee injury during one of our adult games last summer and he required a bit of minor surgery for that.

Anthony has played youth travel, high school and adult league soccer.  He was also a respected basketball player in Welland and played hoops well into adulthood as well.

He was a little slow growing and his presence on the field was hit and miss but he was effective when he had the ball.  He then grew into his present self starting in Grade 7 and is now 6'1".  The last half of his youth days and into adulthood, he was a tough defender with good vision.  Hopefully he adopts a desire to engage in some form of coaching education.

As a side note, the other assistant on that team is his central defending partner on our Adult team for many years, Pat.  The two of them made a fearsome pair in front of our goal. 

Anthony is going to make a good coach and I am excited to see how he does.