Saturday, July 7, 2012

U13 boys - The healing power of Ice-Cream

It’s time to sit down and stay seated.  My U13 boys no longer need to see me getting frustrated during matches.

After a good session Thursday morning, we had another season game Thursday night.  It was the same thing … very good ideas, some good passing combinations and much better restarts by the boys ... but absolutely no willingness to present themselves physically to keep or win the ball.

But my personal feeling is I have been getting visibly frustrated and it’s going to hurt the boys.

We ended up losing the game 3-2.  We were up 1-0, then came back to tie 2-2 and conceded a goal with 10 minutes left.  The wins and losses don't preoccupy me at this age, but effort and competing do.  You work on technique and situations as you should at this age, but they have to show me a little more on top of that.

We did have some positive notes that game.  I think we found our 3 mids who are willing to cover the ground required.

I have to repackage my approach and game time presentation.  Next game, I will sit in a lawnchair and guide them in shape only.  We can discuss the nitty-gritty at half time and the next session.

The last thing I want is a player to be afraid to play because they think they are disappointing me.  That is the furthest thing from my mind.  Little do they know I like the challenge of taking the blame.

Ironically, with the u17 boys and other teams I’ve coached, games are usually a relaxing time where I like to watch the efforts of our training pay off and make observations.

After the game, we went to Joe’s Gelateria for ice-cream and some laughs.  A good Ice-Cream cone erases any score and brings everybody back to Earth.  Soccer Lesson 1a.  We have a team BBQ coming up at a nearby summer resort and 2 tournaments.  I hope to squeeze at lease one more social event in during those 2 tournament dates.

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