Monday, July 2, 2012

Nothing to do with soccer ... ... what a great thing

A former Olympic boxer named Mike Strange from Niagara Falls has taken it upon himself to finish Terry Fox's run.  One of his inspirations for the run is young Matteo Mancini who is battling cancer himself.

I spent some time in Matteo's school as a supply teacher this year, and the community is really praying and supporting his battle.  You can tell by the outpouring of love at school that he is a well liked young man.

My sister-in-law, Alyson DiDonato, is a tech teacher at the school and she assembled this video with students as a message of support for Mike and Matteo:

You can follow Mike's run and/or make a donation at

He started at Terry Fox's famous start point in Thunder Bay, ON and is days away from taking a swim in the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia.


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