Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The beauty of 9v9 soccer for U11 and U12.

9v9 soccer
There was a time when soccer people were thinking of moving U11 and U12 to 7v7 soccer.  That would have been too small. 

I remember when my boys were U11 and u12 and on a big field.  We did very good things but never had that one kid who could cover the field and physically take the game over.

Watching 9v9 has been a pure pleasure, as a technical coach.  I envision some of my old players and what we could have built on during those special years.

"The 9v9 has been a hit with parents, indoor and now outdoor.  THEY SEE THE POINT!"
I see players and teams being forced to keep the ball under control. I see bigger kids able to use their size and speed, but still need to be skillful because there is always a defender close by.  I see the ball covering more of the field and involing more players more often.  I see 11 and 12 year old keepers minding goals that are appropriate sizes.  Corner kicks and goal kicks are no longer liabilities to the teams taking them.  Real soccer plays are happening, but on a smaller scale. Kids are learning.

I lament what could have been accomplished with my old teams.  And I applaud those that had the
9v9 soccer
fortitude to put their vision to print and implement the necessary changes.

This year, I am helping my brother's U11 team in Pelham and staying in close contact with another U11 team in Welland.

Now, we have to make sure U11 and U12 coaches keep their heads on straight and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to help every player develop.

The 9v9 has been a hit with parents, indoor and now outdoor.  The game is selling itself and THEY SEE THE POINT!

I look forward to seeing more 9v9 soccer this summer and beyond.