Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why do people coach. Why do YOU coach?

The question is very deep.  And very important.  Why do you coach?  Answer the question truthfully and be able to share it with whoever asks.

It doesn't have to be a killer answer that sounds like you just made it up, yet brilliant.  It can be thought about, over time, and shaped into a precise, sincere statement.  You also have to leave yourself open to modifying it as you gain experience.

What some of my friends said:

Linz: "For the love of the game  "

Theo: "To teach the youth of today!"

Randy: "To reinforce all the best of what sports offers-short term and long term."

Allie: "I always felt like I had a really good understanding of the game and what each player could bring the game ... And I found it rare to find a well educated coach who knew how to let the players shine with their individual skills - rather then try and conform them to an "idealistic" view of what they think a player should be ... I just wanted kids to know that there is no such thing as the "perfect" player...everyone brings what they can"

Dancer: "Because I feel I have something to offer" 

JJ: "To give kids the chance to be something great and to keep them from going down the path of peer pressure."
Carmine: "To teach the game as it should be played, of course."

Frank (not me) : "To try to generate the love I have for the games in the kids"   

@7-touch-coachng: "I coach because I love soccer. I coach because I want to share my passion. I coach because teaching fundamentals is critical."  

@SoccerCoachYYC: "To give back to the game. To help kids be better people. To serve my community. And because its (usually) so much fun!"

Randy has the unique task of introducing new high school students to football every year;  teaching technique, physical training, coaching to compete and organizing a team at the same time, for a lot of students who have very little sports background.   Victories perk up that school for days.  He does good work.

My favourite answer was from my sister-in-law Andrea, who is not involved in sports : "To share in the joy of empowerment."  This statement speaks to me of confidence, expression, ownership, enjoyment, etc.

Other writers offering their reasons:

OK. you know how to use Google too ....   :)

So, here we are ... why do YOU coach?