Tuesday, August 14, 2012

U13 boys - Good old fashioned hard work

You might hear people say time without the ball is time wasted.  I disagree. Sometimes it's good to put the balls away for a while and just run.

We've had some fairly weak efforts the last few weeks, in terms of physical work rate and desire to "run yourself tired".  This week we have no game, so Coach Paul and I had a nice session with a lot of running.

Coach Paul has good ideas in this department and we ran several different drills to keep the kids moving. Fitness and physical literacy were the orders of the day.  And we both know that the kids do enjoy a nice workout on occasion.

There are plenty of drills that involve ball work and fitness, but the kids need to learn to train and build their aerobic system the old fashioned way.  We had our pre-season fitness sessions, but we like to revisit the issue when we have a break.  Now that they are 13 and well into puberty,their bodies will respond better to endurance work.

We have two more sessions before our next game.  The next session will involve balls and some running then the third will aim specifically for our game.

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