Sunday, June 17, 2012

U13 - Very clear mission for the week

This week, my mission for the boys is clear ... to help the team reflect the efforts of our two sessions in our game this Thursday.

We've had some slow starts our past few games and come out flat.  That was disappointing because our sessions had energy and the boys worked hard and listened.  The kids have been looking good but when the game comes around they are not always ready at the beginning and inconsistent throughout.

They have spurts where they show they have the physical, technical and tactical tools to compete and that motivates me to work to get them to that next level.

Coach Paul and I know we have to first look within to fix this.  It is our pre-game warm-up?  Is our demeanour not suitable for this group?  Do we need to offer more advice over what the boys eat and do before they come to the park for our game?

We are looking to offer the boys as much training, information and guidance as possible and help them become more consistent in their on-field production.

The winning/losing is not something that bothers me, I just want to make sure they have the tools to compete and, more importantly, realize that they have the tools.

I look forward to a fun week.

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