Tuesday, June 5, 2012

OSA - Active Start Course

Last night I facilitated an Active Start course at our club.  It's the Ontario Soccer Association's first course in the new education pathway under LTPD.

We had 15 coaches in attendance.  The course involved tasks that reviewed the role of the coach and the development characteristics of the players we work with.  This was complimented with a few on-field sessions delivered by me and some coaches in the course.

I really enjoyed facilitating the course because I love attending courses myself, and my goal is to make the course as enjoyable for the coaches as they are for me.

It was the first formal coaching course for all of the coaches present.  I am happy they took the step because it's not always an easy transition from player to coach.  Getting coaches into the first course is the biggest challenge.  Once they see what's offered they usually come back.

One of the main discussions revolved around physical literacy

The two tasks  revolved around discussing 4 questions each, in groups.  We then shared answers and received input from others.

Task 1
Why are you an Active Start coach?
Why does an Active Start level player play?
Development Characteristics of the Active Start players?
Suggestions for training sessions?

Task 2
Safety considerations?
Manner and appearance of the coach?
Activities: Choosing, organizing and running.
Managing parents?

I would say the course was successful last night.  The OSA's new approach of full coach participation is a lot better than the old tradition "I speak you listen" model.

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