Monday, April 16, 2012

U13 - Coach Paul's feedback

Coach Paul was out tonight and it's great to hear his viewpoint.  I think he thought I was frustrated (I was a little, but more with the conditions) and he had a fresh outlook.  He's good for me.

He was on the side while I was on the field.  He pointed out at break and afterwards:
  • he felt he understood more of what was happening on the field when he was involved in the phase-of-play portion and had more to contribute afterwards.
  • that he saw a lot of boys with good ideas during the game portion
  • all passes were negatively affected, regardless of whether it was with or against the wind
  • some players were static while we were in possession
  • they were a little shy to tackle a U14 girl hard.  (they should know better ... some of those girls have crushed our boys in the past ... in a soccer fashion of course)
It's great to have his eyes there.  I always have an assistant who can give me an honest tap on the shoulder and a good attitude adjustment.

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