Tuesday, April 10, 2012

St Mike's - Jr Boys session - 1v1 attacking

Today, the St Mike's Jr Boys had a session after school.

I think I am going to enjoy being the assistant at practice for this program.  Mr Lucchetta and Mr Luppino are the full time staff teachers who coach the team.

This afternoon I found myself putting down and picking up cones and setting up balls , etc.  I am usually a dictator and take over sessions, so its a nice exercise for me.  When a coaching point needs to be made, I make it, and I try to make eye contact with a coach to make sure the timing is OK for them.  When asked for advice, I offer it.  If i am not asked ... I may still offer

Today, Coach Lucchetta's plan was to get to 2v1s.  He started with some running and a few passing drills to get the ball on their foot.  Coach Luppino worked with the keeper and I took over after he hit 342 balls at him and his thigh turned to mush.  I was watching wondering how he was doing it.

The boys on this team are great kids, but it's not an overly proficient group when it comes to technique.  It's a great opportunity for the coaches to instill the enjoyment of soccer in them and hopefully convert them into more active players.  I already have 2 boys in my scope to see if I can't talk them into playing this summer.

I see a very rewarding season for this group if they work hard, come to training and show pride in their play.  The teacher coaches are good role models for them and younger guys.

The sequence started with 1v1 attacking.  The plan was to start there and go to 2v1 attacking.  The coaching points were:
  • attack the ball
  • first touch out from the feet
  • see the ball, defender and the space behind the defender
  • change of pace/direction (deception)
  • play to win
It went OK and the boys were getting the points.  And they were getting chippy and competitive! I love that.  He spent a little extra time on that and only introduced 2v1s then let them play 6v6 for the last 10 minutes.

I am not sure how long I will be at this school for, but I do look forward to working with this group some more.

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