Friday, February 3, 2012

U13 Tryouts - Feb 2 - Playing a ball over the top

I wanted to build on our progress of adding something new every game.  We've worked on penetrating passes, attacking runs and laying the ball off for a trailing player.

Last night we started with our organization for the pentratng run/pass drill and progress it to a ball "over the top" meeting the runner (or just slightly ahead of them).

The organization was simple.  Two lines, and a support player at about half.  Players start at goal line, one line at the corner and the other about 15yds in.  The player on the inside takes a few steos with the ball, passes it to the support player up top and he lays it off for the teammate in the other line.  That teammate doesn't start their run until the ball is passed by the first player.  The coach is standing 5 yds behind the support player (as a defender)

The original player with the ball makes a pentrating run while the 2nd player plays a ball over the top for the runner to receive while in motion.

Coaching points:
  • Open foot, leaning back while making the pass
  • Properly laid off ball (on the ground, rolling, not "kicked", backward on an angle)
  • Target player looking forward and back while running
  • Settle ball when receiving or first touch strike on goal
When we got into our game we reminded them about what we've been working on and the boys implemented those ideas into their creativity.  The only problem was too many of the boys are going crazy running forward and they've forgotten the concept of checking back to set up a 2v1 when a player is under  pressure.  So Tuesday, we will review 2v1 play.

I am very happy with where this is going.

I like to have fun during the games and enjoy the creativity, but the boys were a little too loosy-goosy during the drills.  I like my drills organized and getting underway quickly.  The sooner the drill gets done, the sooner we can play.  So when boys are slow getting set up or not listening, I'm not a happy guy.  I am also a lot pickier during the technical part of the session because I want the boys to perfect their technique.

In their defense, they are probably eager to have the teams picked and move forward.  nce teams are separated I will organize a game with another club.

At 13 years old the boys will be a little hyper as they are trying to carve out their "place" in their little society, experimenting with different personality quirks.  I try hard to not point boys out in a big way at this age.