Tuesday, January 24, 2012

U13 Tryout - January 24 - running with the ball

We had our 4th tryout session tonight on the Welland SC indoor field.  Last week's cancellation means an extra session added before we do the first releases.

Getting the ball forward quickly has always been a problem.  The last 2 sessions we worked on penetrating passes.  Today we worked on running with the ball.  Again, with the big group we kept it simple and organized.

We setup a laneway with cones roughly 40yds long and 5 yds wide.  After a short running warm-up we gave half of the boys a ball.  They ran the lane with the ball and the other boys took off 2 seconds after trying to catch them.

Coaching points were:
  • Use laces to push ball forward
  • Keep a steady stride
  • Get ball out from feet
  • Head up
I had the boys widen the lane way a bit to accommodate the number of players.
We then littered the laneway with the boys' backpacks to create a sort of obstacle course.  We challenged them to take on the laneway at full pace using all parts of the foot to steer the ball through.  There was also the added traffic of all the other players.  We sent the boys off 13 at a time.

Our functional portion involved 3v3 games where you can only progress forward by dribbling and passes can only go backwards.  it took a little bit for the boys to develop a tactic for success. The supporting shape of the other 2 players was very important for this game.

Coaching points:
  • If space open ahead - long first touch and go
  • If dribbling forward - attack space early and quickly
  • If no space ahead - turn and pass QUICKLY
  • Supporting positions of teammates
We then let them play a game reminding them of getting the ball up quickly, by way of pass or dribbling.

The session went well in my opinion.  I was in a decent mood and things felt good from the start.  I started the session alone (no assistance) and some of the kids were still hyped up from school so their was a bit of restlessness in the very early going but it all settled down.  2 of the assistants showed up about 5:15ish. 

I continue to be content with how the boys are working and listening.

You always try to remember to limit the coaching a bit during tryouts so the players can show you their stuff.  With so many boys out, you don't want to over coach.